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Project Gallery.

Arabian Gulf Oil Company AGOCO

Maintenance & Extension of SARIR Oil Field Main Dining Hall. Contract Value: 1.5 milion USD

Building of New Kitchen Facilities & Renovation of Dining Hall in NAFOORA Oil Field.Contract Value:  3.5 Milion Euro.

Ministry of Health

Maintenance of El Beida Central Hospital and Building of New Accommodation Block

Contract Value:  6 milion Libyan Dinars. 

Private Housing 

Private Investment and BOT in Tripoli - Benghazi - El Beida.

Contract Value:  21 Milion Libyan Dinars

Ministry of Youth & Sports

Renovation Works & Upgrating the Sports Hall in El Beida

Contract Value: 12 milion Libyan Dinars. 

Greek Community 

Building the Benghazi European School at the Greek Community Center in Benghazi 

Contract Value: 1.2 Milion Libya Dinars.


Services Contract.

Contract Value: 650.000 Libyan Dinars.

 Man Made River Authority (MMRA)
HIB (Ministry of house & Infrastructure Board)

Housing Project in Derna.

Contract Value: 12 Milion Libyan Dinars .

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