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Company Profile


The Combination of the expertise through an established network, each one specialized in his own field and the knowledge of the counrty over 20 years secures a smooth execution of the project assuring the quality and respecting the time scedule.

A Libyan Company, established some ten years ago, register as General Constructors with 10,000,000 LD Capital Fund Share.

Among  many projects the most distinguish are:

THe General Public Hospital in El Beida,Sports Centers in Benghazi and Beida,Telecom towers for THALES Communications,the furniture factory in Misratah and the Benghazi European School, an educational project funded by E.U and the Greek Government.

Registration with the Ministry of Economy
Chamber of Commerce

We have also attached the organigram for Dabussia Company, which indicates the line of reporting and level of responsibility and authority within the organization.
Dabussia Company consists of an experienced and mature engineering team as well as an extensive assembly and stores facilities in the city of  Al-Baida, Libya. This combination allows Dabussia Co. to provide the highest standard of technical engineering and construction services to our clients. With our facilities and personnel, we offer complete engineering support, design, material supply and construction services tailored to individual client’s needs. The technical section at Dabussia Co. is separated as shown in the Organisation Charts as in Appendix (A), and is divided into the following structure: 

Monitoring Commite
of the Board
Project Management
& Planning
Director CEO 
Legal Consultant

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of company business management as well as the sales of all services within local market. 

Technical Manager

The Technical Manager is responsible for all aspects of technical issues within the Projects, Manpower Services and Sales departments. 

Project Engineers

Engineers with qualifications suited to and in accordance with the clients needs are appointed to a project. Should a contract be large enough, certain Engineers are appointed Senior Project Engineers and become responsible for a division of the project.  

Legal, Financial and Accounting

Fully qualified staff and utilising fully integrated accounting software ensures that all financial and accounting procedures are carried out in accordance with the client’s own departments. 

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

All projects, services and products supply are carried out strictly in accordance with the Company Quality Assurance System.  
Dabussia Co. employ a QA/QC Manager to manage and keep the quality assurance system fully up dated and working toward achieving the ISO 9001:2000 certification. 

Health and Safety

All Dabussia Co. engineering and site staff have attended a basic safety courses. Dabussia Co.  employ a HSE Manager to manage and keep the HSE requirements fully up to date.
Dabussia Co. is working toward achieving the OHSAS 18001 (BS 8800) certification and auditing program. 


Dabussia Co. operate an environmental policy in accordance with ISO 14001: 1996; requirement 4.2 with progress being made to achieve full certification in due course.

Project Management

Project Management by Dabussia Company follows the procedures required by ISO 9001 standard. At Dabussia we provide a reliable combination of project management modules: 
• Project Kick-Off

• Project Planning and Control

• Time Scheduling

• Material Follow-Up

• Commercial Project Management

• Contract Preparation

• Project Documentation

• Document Control

• Correspondence and Administration

•  Project Monitoring and Reporting

• Change Proposals and Variations

• Handling of Sub-contractors' Documents

• Handling of Vendors' Documents

• Project Close-Out

• Final Documentation 
By expertly coordinating all the various vendors, sub-contractors and partners, Dabussia Company ensures that its clients meet all their project targets.We have proven our capability for integrating the ideas of our clients with our own expertise, thus improving project execution to the benefit of all concerned.  

Employee Resumes 
Dabussia Co. aims to provide clients with the highest quality of expertise and service, as such personnel are all highly qualified and trained.Detailed resumes of the most senior and key personnel is attached in Appendix.

Discription of Services 

Dabussia General Contracting Company specialize in providing construction, engineering support services. The services offered cover all areas such as but not limited to the following: 
• Provision of general contracting and construction services.

• Engineering support services and construction of field camps.

• All types of real estate investment.

• Construction of water and sewage networks.

• General maintenance works.

• Execution of electrical works.

• Road and bridge construction works.

• Water well drilling works.

• Installation and maintenance of central air-conditioning and heating systems.  
The nature of the Company's activities requires a high degree of expertise, experience and reliability with an overall emphasis on performing these services with the highest degree of safety possible. The company has an impressive client base equally impressive health, safety and quality record. 

Operational Experience 

Over the past few years Dabussia Company has undertaken and successfully completed projects. Among the most notable projects are the following: 
• Construction of housing blocks.

• Construction of staff accommodation units for Al-Thoura Hospital in Al-Baida.

• Construction of European School in Benghazi.

• Construction of store building, power plant and paint manufacturing unit in Misurata Furniture factory.

 • A number of sport courts in Benghazi.

• Security guard buildings for the Great Man-made River Project water reservoirs at Sirte and Ajdabiya.

• Construction of parking area, re-construction of the front and rear fence and maintenance of lighting poles at Al-Thoura Hospital in Al-Baida.

• Construction of road adjacent to the Ambulance store unit.

• Maintenance of Ghrenada store.

• Supply and installation of electric elevators for the Emergence and Ambulance Hospital in Al-Baida.

• Execution of electrical and central heating works and installation of fire protection system at the Emergence and Ambulance Hospital in Al-Baida. 
A full list if projects is attached in appendix.

Dabussia Company has worked directly as main contractor or indirectly as a sub-contractor for the following clients: 
• Condrill AB, Benghazi

• Greek Community in Benghazi

• The Secretary of People's Committee for Health & Social Security, Jabal Akhdar

• The Secretary of People's Committee for Housing & Utilities, Jabal Akhdar

• Investment & Real Estate Bank

• General Works Authority  

Project Experience  


The Dabussia commitment to skilled workmanship ensures the top-quality end-product which sets Dabussia apart. 
For the past few years, Dabussia has constructed buildings of various types and sizes and its experience ranges from traditional contracts to design-and-build and turnkey projects. 
Dabussia's managerial expertise combines effective coordination of skilled craftsmen with the professional's eye for detail for on-site, on-the-spot solutions. 
Dabussia cooperates with both public and privet clients to offer a high quality construction and engineering services which incorporates respect for the environment and culture. 


Residential Estates, Low-cost Housing & Prefabricated Buildings 
Dabussia's expertise in building both public and privately financed residential communities demonstrates effective coordination of the many disciplines needed for constructing such projects. By choosing the right method of construction, in-situ or prefabrication, carefully planning the sequence of works and effectively organizing and managing the multi-disciplined operations, Dabussia completes various scale works economically and quickly.  

Educational Facilities and Sports Installations 
Dabussia has been constructing educational and sports facilities for the past few years, such as the European and Greek School in Benghazi.New horizons have been opened for Dabussia, which has been awarded a very substantial maintenance project of an Olympic Stadium in AlBaida, worth in excess of 1.7 million LD and the construction of a 1.6 million LD Commercial & Investment Center in Al-Baida       

Electrical and Fire Fighting Systems 
Dabussia's multidisciplinary background in construction projects provides a valuable source of specialized knowledge for undertaking works in different activities. The diverse expertise of its staff, compined with the company's access to local market, provides a platform for expert industrial construction. Dabussia Company participation in projects includes electrical works, fire fighting, heating and air conditioning systems installations and erection of electric elevators.

New Horizons 
Oil and Gas Dabussia's reliable reputation in the local market provided the platform for the company's development. 
In view of this, and Considering the increase of oil production in Libya with the new concessions being given by NOC to foreign investors, Dabussia Company has committed to participate in sophisticated construction and civil engineering projects for the oil & gas sector in Libya. 

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