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About US 


The Combination of the expertise through an established network, each one specialized in his own field and the knowledge of the counrty over 20 years secures a smooth execution of the project assuring the quality and respecting the time scedule.

Company Profile

A Libyan Company, established some ten years ago, register as General Constructors with 10,000,000 LD Capital Fund Share.

Among  many projects the most distinguish are:

THe General Public Hospital in El Beida,Sports Centers in Benghazi and Beida,Telecom towers for THALES Communications,the furniture factory in Misratah and the Benghazi European School, an educational project funded by E.U and the Greek Government.

Management Structure
 Dabussia Company consists of an experienced and mature engineering team as well as an extensive assembly and stores facilities in the city of  Al-Baida, Libya. This combination allows Dabussia Co. to provide the highest standard of technical engineering and construction services to our clients.
We have also attached the organigram for Dabussia Company, which indicates the line of reporting and level of responsibility and authority within the organization. 
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